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Drywall Company Reporting Compliance

What a pain to report the Drywall Owner/Subcontractor Report  form for the quarterly reports. Most folks forget to include the Supplemental Quarterly Report. Even though Workers’ Compensation departments have periodic courses, most need help understanding the terminology. I have Spanish and Russian staff on hand to help me during these Field Audits and Reconsiderations to explain just what the Department requires.

If anyone ever worked for Ketchikan Drywall, the LNI court settlement includes a contract that specifies just how much a subcontractor can report: 150 SF per hour for residential work , or 120 SF per hour for custom residential/commercial work. Period. You gotta remember, a 4’x12′ sheet takes 24 minutes to haul, cut, nail tack, and then screw to comply with the 150 SF maximum installation–by one worker. Ceilings optional.

Most companies have a hard time complying with these reporting and record keeping rules. I should know because I wrote the Excel sheet for the calculation many years ago when I worked at the department’s Fraud Prevention Section. The Department did not know how to count sheets of drywall/sheetrock (–take your pick which name you want to use; I prefer sheetrock from my contracting days). In addition, I taught the Department to know about job site material suppliers and deliveries so it could have an accurate count of delivered materials because the labor subcontractors kept no records and spoke very little English.

So, if you are in this special industry anywhere in America, give us a call and let us help you with this reporting.

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