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Never Play in Another Man’s Game

They say in Chicago, never take a knife to a gunfight. Well, the same thing applies to handling your Field Audior  Reconsideration Appeal. If you don’t know the rules, you can’t win, or even communicate. A lot of my clients run their businesses well and hire an accounting staff to take care of the rest. But when an audit takes place, communication goes south. The auditor is talking bureaucrateze, you are talking business, and the accounting staff is talking GAAP. End result: no communication. This can cost you money–lots of it.

The cheapest money for me is to get you ready for the audit. Next cheapest is to have me do the audit for you or with you. My purpose is the tell you what the Workers’ Compensation Department expects, interpret their rules to your advantage, and make sure this doesn’t happen again with my time tested software program at www.WKRComp.com.

It takes one hour for FREE consultation to get you ready for the audit. After that, it takes about 5 hours to prep for the audit if you don’t want to. Reconsideration appeals take about the same time. What it your time worth?

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