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Check Writing for Small Businesses

Welcome to check writing for small business.

Rule #1: Never write a check to anyone without a memo description, period.

Rule #2: Never write a check to anyone that owns a business–use the business name, and what it was for in the memo section–always!

Rule #3: If the small business owner insists his name to be on the check, write it as JO DOUP dba (doing business as) HIS COMPANY NAME. Then, he can cash it if he wants, and your not in trouble for improper record keeping per Workers Compensation or Unemployment Insurance Departartments.

Rule #4: Write me a check for this advise. I charge $110 an hour to keep you out of trouble. For each check you write incorrectly, the workers’ compensation field auditor will charge you $250 using the Insufficient Records Penalty. I think I am reasonable.

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