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Are you Hiring Contractors Properly?

Protect yourself when hiring a contractor

See more. LookUp: Contractors or Tradespeople
Be an informed consumer and make sure a contractor is registered, actively licensed, with a bond and insurance, and an electrician, plumber, elevator mechanic or manufactured home installer is certified (licensed) in Washington. The search will also show how long they have been licensed, if they have any lawsuits against their contractors bond (construction only) and if they have been cited for violations of the various construction laws governed by the department Disclaimer regarding updates and accuracy.

See more. LookUp: Violators
Use the Lookup Violators site to search the list of violators of the contractor registration, electrical, plumber or factory assembled structures laws. This search shows all violators and violations whether they are licensed or not.

Especially for Contractors

See more. Verify that your contractor is up to date on workers’ compensation premiums

If you are a contractor, you could be held liable to L&I for any unpaid premiums if you hire a subcontractor or other business that’s delinquent paying its workers’ compensation premiums. Fill out the online Contractor Tracking Request form to be notified if they get behind in paying premiums or if they become unregistered or unlicensed during the next year. Get information about using this online search. Note: You should also make sure they have an active Department of Revenue tax registration account (www.DOR.wa.gov).

See more. Is your subcontractor really an employee?
You may be an employer with requirements — and not know it! In some cases, a self-proclaimed “independent contractor” is actually a worker for whom you must do such things as pay workers’ compensation premiums, meet wage and hour requirements, pay unemployment tax, etc. Not understanding your requirements can leave your business vulnerable to unwanted penalties and even lawsuits. Besure to take advantage of this online webinar sponsored jointly by the IRS and L&I: “Hiring Workers for Your Business: Are They Independent Contractors or Employees?

Basics for Homeowners

Homeowner’s Guide to Hiring a Contractor

This step-by-step ‘Homeowner’s Guide to Hiring a Contractor’ will help you find a contractor who is qualified to handle your project, and avoid many of the most common problems. But if you do have problems, find out what you can do.

Report fraud

Report employer and contractor fraud — It’s your money; help us help you.

For more detail, see these helpful publications:

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