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Washington State Employers Introduction to Labor & Industries Meeting

Rather interesting three hour meeting which was for the most part good information. Only fifteen minutes was spend on employer compliance though. A nice lady talked about paper trails but nothing about the new technologies available on the Cloud.  SaaS and data entry programs are available to satisfy these ‘paper’ requirements.

Some of the erroneous information presented was the out-of-date time cards that do not conform to the November 2011 WAC 296-17-31002 to record actual beginning and end times. No more writing hours on time cards allowed. Forget about estimated piecework hours,too. Our iPhone app satisfies this requirement: http://www.WRKComp.com/app.php

Instead of classifications on time cards, L&I wanted ‘work performed’. There is no WAC or RCW telling businesses to do so. This is a ‘ploy’ to catch unsuspecting companies to put down a job description scope of work not in their risk classifications. Unfortunately, the appeal auditors are insisting this be done.

L&I did make plain to everyone attending that if you did not check out your independent contractor, he may be your covered worker. And they are right; most ICs are lousy records keepers. Now, how are you supposed to verify he is keeping those records?

The very good news is that WKRComp.com has programs to satisfy every policy and regulation needed to be compliant and not worry about workers’ compensation compliance audits–anywhere in America. Check ’em out!

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