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Impending Legislations Continue the Assault on the IC in ANY industry

Although most states use the watered down IRS independent contractor statues, they are becoming obsolete, i.e, the 6-part test. From issuing 1099s as a qualifier, ICs must prove they are in compliance. This has nothing to do with assigned classification initiative sponsored by the Department of Labor. What’s that you say?

Workers’ compensation Compliance starts before the classification assignment process. Unfortunately, the clerk who takes your phone call to give you the NCIC/classification number has no training other than word-association. As a new business, you say ‘painter’. You get the highest classification as an outdoor painter. No one suggested you could save money if you used the interior painter classification on some jobs. How would you know the difference?

Specialty contractors really get bad non-compliant information such as sheetrockers/drywallers. To some degree it is not the insurance or state risk class departments fault. These compliance classifications are born out of law suits and audits making it hard for the little guy to compete-let alone become compliant. The associations, payroll, and insurance  companies need to step up. Roofers really get a bad shake  (pardon the pun) in that no one cares if he is putting down 3-tap or torch-down.

Prevailing wage jobs complicate the process, too. Risk classifications are assigned for the whole contract; wages and fringes are their respective rates are according to the Davis-Bacon Act. So, the primary classification has to be broken out for the prevailing wage/certified payrolls. No small task in dealing with payroll companies.

We have been working on this Compliance problem for three years. Add in our actual building background, and I would say we can handle most issues and keep your clients out of the auditors office. Our IT staff speaks your language.

Talk to us!@ WKRComp.com and Liberty Bay Consultants, LLC.

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