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Is Compliance the New Industry in America?

We got a Human Resource manual. Who needs some new stuff to worry about? Wrong. Compliance starts before HR gets their first cup of coffee. Sort of like the ACFE saying you need internal accounting controls before you start writing checks. Darn good idea. You don’t want George writing checks and making deposits.

Compliance starts before the risk classifications are assigned. Most folks do not read their assigned classifications or know where they are located. For example, can Susy go the post office in the 5-ton? How about a mechanic doing maintenance on the job site? Are part timers on contract having to fill out time cards? Do issued 1099’s protect you from having employees?

Very basic stuff, but you would not believe what damage can be done to a balance sheet by the auditors. The two nasty gotchas are the control of the subcontractor or IC  work area (even in absencia),  and similar classifications being shared in common by the hiring authority.

So, are a bunch of sole proprietors working together on a jobsite covered by workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance? Yup! How about truck drives who own their truck on paper wearing the company logo? Yup!

Using compliance regulations by independent contractors in any industry can keep them independent. We can teach you. Follow the links. http://bit.ly/XockuA


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