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TIME INTEGRATOR from Attestation Software.com

Meet TIME INTEGRATOR Specialty Payroll Solutions from the Attestation SaaS Software Company 

v. at·test·a-tion, at·test·ing, at·tests: To affirm to be correct, true, or genuine


v  Accurate desktop timesheets, time clocks, and cell phone data entry

v  Validation of assigned risk classifications

v  Workers’ compensation—real time cloud access for job costing

v  Unemployment insurance reporting

v  Prevailing wage certified payroll data—including affidavits

v  Regulatory compliance reporting

v  Permission security level access training

v  State specific compliance reporting

We are going to be your proven source for timekeeping tracking of employees, contractors, and prevailing wage project compliance reports using our data entry programs for calculating:

Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Unemployment Insurance Taxes

Certified Payroll Premiums


We’re here to free up your data entry time and authenticate your reporting to prevent timekeeping errors like:


Insufficient records


Errors & Omissions

Our integrated applications include payroll solutions for Specialty Payroll Industries featuring:

 Multi-Risk Classification Payrolls         Manufacturing Payrolls

Construction Payrolls                          Independent Contractor Payables

Trade Specialty Payrolls                      Prevailing Wage Payrolls

Multi-state Payrolls                              Reciprocity Payrolls


You can use us independently or integrate us into your accounting payroll program.

 Checkout our Suite of programs @ AttestationSoftware.com in July 2013:

–EMPC for employers with employees

–CONC for hiring contractors

–PRJC for prevailing wage jobs to calculate certified payrolls

For right now, just talk to us on WordPress or our LinkedIn sites.

We’re not hard to find at our old Version 2 address: WKRComp.com

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