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Home Owner’s Building and Remodeling Ensurance Program in WA

Ever wanted to build your own home or remodel but did not know how to keep track of the laborers and subcontractors? This easy to use program at TIMEintegrator captures all the State regulations in one easy guide using your cell phone or desk top.

 In fact, it will help you keep bank records for draw requests. You do not need to hire a bookkeeper to keep track of the money.

 You can easily capture the hours and costs for laborers and contactors that are required by Washington State to prevent law suits for injuries, wage claims, and liens from unscrupulous contractors. The cost alone is a lot less than a liability policy your insurance agent wants to sell you.

 The Departments of Labor & Industries and Employment Security will come after you if you do not keep accurate records. You will pay these taxes if those you hire don’t. If you do hire a lot of laborers, you might want to get a Labor & Industries account to protect yourself from injuries and wage claims. It costs $20—pretty cheap insurance.

 This program has links to all laws and building codes necessary to make sure your project is within the reporting guidelines.  If you run into a laborer or contractor who becomes difficult to deal with, this program will enable you to pay their taxes for them legally to avoid tax liens.

Find out more at http://bit.ly/1cixrpg Sixty dollars is a lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

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