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Premium Auditors–What is their business ownership background?

Would not it be nice to know the background of the auditor? I think business owners would like to know if auditors could do on-site annual reviews. Other than knowing an accounting program or working for a payroll company, what is their business history? Do they understand compliance classification assignments in the industry they work?

And more important do they understand HOW  to use the classifications? That background only comes from creating and owning a business just like their client–not a payroll service company. Do they understand Reciprocity to save their clients premiums tax dollars?

What about multi-classification assignments in different states? How do they calculate hours vs payroll for clients in the five states that have to calculate premiums this way? What is the difference in Average Hourly Wage vs Average Monthly Wage assessments? Will a bad audit trigger a unemployment insurance audit? When did California add sick pay as a workers’ compensation item to include in their audits even though no one worked? I really like the fraud and terrorism tax they created.

Why is it that ADP, CompuPay, Paychex, Intuit, and other  salespersons in Washington State are crying for their company to integrate proven compliance programs? They are tired of their clients getting beat-up by Labor and Industries and Employment Security Department audits. How many other states treat workers’ compensation as a ‘tax burden’ and not a profit center? How accurate are their calculations?

We intend to fine out soon…..with out new Attestation Software company! It has the capability to accurately calculate workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance in all 50 States by integrating into existing programs. http://bit.ly/1e8IdNA

Otherwise, hire us for your defense team. We are rally good at that, too.





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