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New Department of Labor Courier Compliance Applications

Couriers have been one of the hardest hit industries by the DOL. Those folks try to make PEOs or employees out anyone hiring them regardless of their Owner/Operator status. One of the hardest parts is for the hiring authority (clients) making sure each courier solicits new business in addition to their regular routes or territory. Most route bidding of this nature is done on paper or by phone conversations.

Attestation Software is a IT shop that creates regulatory compliance programs for the transportation industry. It has just launched a program that solves the courier industry problem of documenting bids for new and existing clients. The beauty of the application is its simplicity. No $30 subscriptions for each driver. Push notifications are sent to the drivers for them to bid on their phone. The clients pay for the program to increase their delivery volumes, and the drivers make more money in addition to their regular routes.

So, what does the DOL think? Not much. The cell phones and tablets record the bids and send this time stamped data to the respective client for payment on the drivers Settlement Statements. No invoicing. No phone calls. And, this proof is sitting on a server to be called up if needed.

What is the benefit to the client? Huge. Instead of calling for bids at a dispatch office, he is monitoring them on line which means less labor running his business. APIs can make this process even easier.

To find out more, contact Ted Carlson at Attestation Software, Inc at http://bit.ly/1e8IdNA  and take a look at the program at   http://bit.ly/1fXHJxp

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