Business Benefits and Inspiration

Compliance is such a hot button that it is getting beat up and becoming analogous with PEOs, TPAs, and HR departments use. It has nothing to do with claims; it is how risk classifications are used!  Compliance is about employers saving money on workers’ compensation premiums.

So, we decided to bring along some posts sharing the best practices on you keeping an eye on the hen house: bookkeepers, Quick Book Pro Advisers, accountants, and the usual suspects at the corporate payroll departments.

The new themes will be on Monday through Friday pontificating on what the number crunchers, human relations departments, and workers’ compensation insurance companies don’t want you to know.

In addition, for each day we will teach about our employee, independent contractor,and prevailing wage applications and how they can save you money. On Thursdays, we are going to outline one State from our Attestation Software files to show the different regulatory compliance policies. On Fridays, we will bring you actual case studies.

o Monday CPAs—EMPC–support manual instructions + inspire + benefit
o Tuesday HRs–CONC—support manual instructions + inspire +benefits
o Wednesday WCins–PRJCC—support manual instructions + inspire +benefits
o Thursday ATTE integrated States; use my State Notes for copy +Excel funds
o Friday Case studies from files, Classification Audit Reviews, and actual audit defense cases

So join us each day on Twitter, Linked-In, and here to learn about how to handle your taxes and treat them like a profit center. You can always email or phone for specific questions, like does your State have Reciprocity so you do not have to pay taxes in two States at the same time.

Talk to you on Monday…………


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