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Losing Control of Your Data for Quarterly Reports

Most bookkeepers, QuickBook Operators, Accountants, CPAs, EAs and payroll companies love to keep taking your hours over the phone. Even using electronic time machines, they still charge for this ‘service’. It is hard to give up this revenue stream.

There are a couple of industry leaders trying to convince these folks stressing the use of the thousands of tools available to any business to provide value added services like real compliance regulated reports. Michelle Long has been trying to convince them to forget these burdensome taxes and give back the control to their clients using the cloud. Joanie Mann has been trying to get the compliance elephant out of the room, too.

Here are some examples: A landscaping company doing construction and maintenance contracts for the City using a payroll company. Another is CompuPay not providing any program to calcualte workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and benefit fund taxes in Washington State or any other that has hourly tracking.

The payroll company charges $500 a month or $100 per employee accepting Excel sheets and phoned in hours. They use an Excel sheet to talk to their payroll program. Unfortunately, the program did not have multi-classification capability to handle the same employee with two risk classifications. Amazing.

We reversed engineered CompuPay’s 80 column card data entry ‘system’ to find out they had no idea to calculate any of these quarterly reports. They used Excel add-on inquiries. Strange. CompuPay is still wandering around in the dark.

By the way, when the landscape company got audited, they needed our help sorting out the hours in the different classifications which we did in no time using our audit tool: TIMEintegrator.com. They still had to pay $8000 in insufficient premiums AND another $6000 to the prevailing wage audit department.

If employers took a look at their method of recording these taxes, they would save time and money. They are built around how folks run their business; not some new series of menus and programming language. The landscaper learned he could use our program for $90 a YEAR! And the data would automatically be sent to the payroll company.

Now, we would like to show you how easy all this quarterly reporting can be done. Take a look at our Support Page at http://bit.ly/O7DuTL

On Mondays, we are going to talk about the EMPC or Employee Calculator Module. This is where you enter your business classifications, employees, and rates of pay. After you do this, you COMBINE them to print out Timesheets for data entry. If you have the iPhone, you can do this automatically by entering the hours. If you want any time clocks or any other device to feed this time information into the program, no worries. This data is also sent to your payroll program or bookkeeper or accountant, etc. All reports are automatically propagated (filled out). Once this set up, all you ever have to do is enter hours. That is all. For as little as five bucks a month, you have everything you need on the cloud.

Why make this process harder than it already is?

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