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Why Do Queries Drive Auditors Nuts?

Queries show that the accounting programs are not complete when it comes to regulatory compliance reporting. Human resource departments of big corporations usually have interdepartmental sections. For example, the payroll company gathers risk classifications from HR. Then, accounting matches up the hours to these two databases. And there is no verification of accuracy.

Another example is the sue-do HR sections at payroll companies. Hours are sent in to one desk that enters them into the client’s accounting program. Then, an add-on program takes these hours and names to add the risk classification for the quarterly reports. No checks or balances that employee worked in a specific class or more than two classes. What really is scary is the fact this data is put on Excel sheets.

In one case, I had a payroll company talking to a CRM program that kept track of contractor hours. Then, another big HR department provided all the quarterly reports nationally. They forgot to add their own  employees in each State.

About the only way to solve this kind of turf war is to use integrated APIs.
TIME Integrator CONC Contractor Compliance Calculator Lesson (con’t.)

A lot of jobber contractors or temporary help contracting companies send out licensed and bonded contractors to fix copiers and buildings. To keep tract of these temps, there are many rules. For example, if the worker exceeds the job description, the temp agency has to pay the going wage and risk classification. Companies that hire them have to look at the same regulations to see if these folks are classified correctly. Complacency is rampant because of the quick turnover.

If an application can automatically track temps using hand help devices, all this goes away. State and NCCI tables can be integrated into any program to automatically assign correct risk classifications with triggers to ensure these assignments are correct.

Risk Classifications can be modified to capture contractors in different sub-classifications. This comes in handy when doing prevailing wage projects in several States like back East. If you are audited, this information will reduce any assessments.

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