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Why Not Get Your Own Private PayAsYouGo Insurance Program?

As silly as it seems, employers have time clock apps and login applications. If they took the time to integrate these apps into a real PAYGO classification compliance program, they could audit the insurance company’s auditor. With America reducing the ‘full time employee’ to 30 hours, accuracy is pretty darn important.

Project time keeping for employees and independent subcontractors has become so important today. When using the PRJC program, the HOW classifications and sub-classifications are USED and the associated hours becomes a certified payroll persons nightmare.

On the East coast, Sunburst Software has spent a gazillion dollars trying to keep up with all of this incorporating the ACA or ObamaCare regulations. Now, add the tracking of mult-state federal projects and Nancy keeps really busy.


TIME Integrator PRJC Project Compliance Calculator Lesson (con’t.)

The first clue to assigning risk classifications is to research all the jurisdictional risk classifications. Sounds a little draconian. New York State is made up of little kingdoms and unions have their own set of rules just how long you can rent their members. The New York City school remodeling and maintenance jobs are fascinating.

It takes a little work to set this program up, but it saves a huge amount of time doing the reports including the Affidavits.

The reporting beauty of the program is that you can place a body in a State, on a job, in several classifications, and save money on your risk classification premiums. We have the integration tools to accomplish this. (It helps that I used to be a commercial project manager. Otherwise, I would have never been able to create the program.)

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