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IDAHO — A Land Governed by Its Citizens—Not the Federales

Idaho is similar to several Southern States in that it self-governed. All a company has to do is buy a workers’ compensation policy and pay taxes for unemployment insurance. Don’t forget the State payroll taxes, too. Seems simple enough.

The problem is companies living in Spokane or Twin Falls crossing the State line doing business in both. Dependent upon a few factors, reciprocity has be used to pay the lowest premiums. For employees and independent contractors, time and risk class documentation is paramount to avoid paying workers’ compensation premiums in both States.

A bigger problem is the accounting that is never reconciled with the either the workers’ compensation or unemployment taxes forms. States query these two reports for prospective audits. The WC policy should be integrated with the UI tax form to ensure compliance and avoid these audits. Using Excel sheets is very risky because of a 7% chance of transcription errors.

How do you accomplish this? Simple. Use our compliance calculators for employees, independent contractors, and prevailing wage projects that produce all the accurate reporting you will ever need. By the way, they date stamp all historical data entered to be used for cost analysis, future job bidding, and keeping the insurance company auditor honest.

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