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Prevailing Wage Programs Do Not Have to Cost a Fortune

There are so many micro programs out there for small business but finding one to fit your peticular business usage is a big problem with all the programmers fighting for app space. Searching for one that save you time and benefits your bookkeeping needs is tough. Most bookkeepers and payroll companies will not be suggesting such apps because that would mean less revenue for them.

You can always start out small by looking for free apps on iTunes dealing with time capturing and more specific workers’ compensation apps like WKRComp. This little compliance app captures not only hours but the risk classification you need to export the employees or contractor to your bookkeeper or accounting staff.

As your requirements grow towards wanting to know who worked where on what job, you can expand to a full blown program for about $5 a month on the cloud so you don’t have to export. All data is accessible to save you money phoning in hours and body counts.

One really great advantage is the ability to go back and see what you bid on jobs and use that for future business. So, if you have several jobs in different states with sub risk classifications, the program should save you premium dollars. But more important, using the program ensures your reporting compliance.

Another benefit is using the program to keep an eye on your workers’ compensation insurance company annual audit. They have a tendency to overcharge. Because regulatory triggers are built in, you can argue effectively for the lesser assessment. These programs have been used in court and won consistently.

So when you have time, contact us to DEMO why this inexpensive easy to use program will save time and clerical money.



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