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What Do Schedulers Have to Do With Workers’ Compensation?

I find it interesting that no one is monitoring the TIME that schedulers spend monitoring and getting people to their jobs. Add to the situation that no one is monitoring the workers’ compensation insurance company, and you have a recipe for fraud. Should not there be a simple program to monitor all of these TIME wasting activities?

There will be soon. How about a $5 program that monitors the correct time folks show up for work, record their risk classification, and spits out a payroll check. Sounds just like what you have, right? Not really. Right now this is done by the Intuits, Peachtrees, HR, and insurance companies that employers have to take as gospel. No checks and balances as they say.

You can pay a starting fee in addition to your regular payroll program. Intuit starts around $150 a year for three employees. Peachtree can charge upwards of $1000 for their workers’ comp add-on. We start out at $60 a year just like they do. But you not only get the EMC employee module, you get the CONC contractor and PRJC Project modules, too.

A landscaper in Washington does prevailing wage jobs and pays a payroll company over $500 a month to do this work. Not only did the payroll company not pay his $8000 premiums assessment for lousy recored keeping, it did not keep track of non-prevailing wage jobs. The landscaper got re-audited by the certified payroll department and paid another $6000.

How do you stop this feeding frenzy? Use a program that calculates all workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, benefit funds, and created paychecks that can be used for IRS reporting.

I did forget to tell you the reports count workers and independent contractors by gender, days and weeks including their risk classifications, and looks at reciprocity in other States. Does your Add-on program do that? If not, contact us real soon for a DEMO at Attestation Software.

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