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New Posts Starting in August Will Be a Little Different…..

As you can tell from the change in  the title, we took a step back and found our specialty payroll and reporting programs work better than anyone else’s. Why? Because they are ‘stripped down’ without all that HR stuff that is harder to keep than a bookkeeper tearing their hair out.

We spent the last year or so playing nice and offering our services to the big boys using our integration skills. When CompuPay and Intuit found out we could get inside their programs, they sort of panicked. So we decided to go after their Mickey Mouse API add ons and bring our specialty Employee, Contractor, and Prevailing Wage accounting program to the small businesses–including small bookkeeping firms.

Just think–small employers enter hours or contact amounts, and all their reports are accurately calculated using running totals. The bookkeepers look at the data on line and see all their reporting is done automatically. What is even better, the insurance companies now have to prove the workers’ comp data is not accurate–not the other way around. A box plant in CA has to ‘repay’ 1/3 off their premiums because they could not prove the assigned risk  classifications were accurate. Ouch!

Time saver? You bet. The employer has taken back control of his insurance costs and the time to complete the quarterly reports–all of them! . In fact, we provide a library of information for Reciprocity anywhere in America. Did you know some States do not require workers’ compensation policies for one reason or another?

How about personal income tax Reciprocity? Ever heard of that?  Under what circumstances does an employer working in other States have to buy? What State  can he pay double by Statute? How does the DOL feel about all this? Why can’t the CPAs et al write a program like ours that talks to the different reports? More audits are triggered between WC insurance reports and unemployment insurance filings.

Until August, check our our other sites and buy our programs! Crowd funding is becoming an option for Version 3.0 where we can have PDAs and permissions.



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