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Putting It All Together for the Independent Contractors

Putting It All Together for the Independent Contractor Where is there a database that a small IC can go so he can be in compliance anywhere in America. Scott Grandys has done a great job with Relevant Business Solutions for the big boys. But you still need to have this quantitative information trickle down to the operator of a small concern to make sure he is reporting correctly. There are expensive construction and transportation programs out there that do ‘everything’ . But all you need to answer is: Is the independent contractor going to be my employee? Has he done the paperwork to protect the hiring authority, or does some sort of monitoring becomes necessary? This regulatory gap can be costly–especially since the DOL is hovering with its 16,000 IRS agents. Audits are time consuming and costly. HR and accounting departments are not regulatory compliance orientated. How about having annual checkups by a compliance auditor who does not have an accounting background? I am not talking about the statutory auditors from the insurance company. They have their own agenda.

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