Attn: Premiumd Auditors! Would you like to earn more money on your assignments? 

Just think about having your clients do your data entry each day for you?

Giving them our compliance programs, you can do mail-in audits remotely and make more money increasing your completed assignments faster using less time.

They are doing self-audits. You monitor them through out the year and spend less time on the statutory audit.

The reason I am writing is to offer our compliance software to save your company premium auditor time. There is no reason why the small companies you audit cannot use a compliance program that fills in data automatically throughout the year. It has triggers built in to eliminate typical errors like Federal 941 amounts not matching reported payrolls or unemployment insurance amounts. Your client companies can self-audit for you as a possible additional revenue stream.

In fact, employees and independent contractors will not get paid unless the right risk classifications are posted for both. Subcontractors cannot get paid unless they provide registrations before they work. In most states, time cards/sheets are required to record hours— even for subcontractors as well as any piece work in some states.

Because all line item entries are electronically recorded, there is less work having to look at payroll journals, patrol registers, payroll summaries, individual earnings records as they are a part of the gross payroll summaries.

More important, the employee and independent contractor hours, body counts, and dollars are automatically posted to all to W2’s, 941s, and Unemployment Insurance for quarterly tax reports accurately. No more payroll add-ons for your clients use.

After reviewing your technical bulletins and systems updates,  I found the following benefits for your firm:

  • Reducing re-audits
  • All risk classes are pre-assigned correctly
  • Min/Max wages are assigned correctly
  • System updates for clients are pre-loaded

I would appreciate your looking at our free SAS compliance programs to make your firm more efficient and profitable at Liberty Bay Consultants has all 50 states compliance sites posted for your review.

Looking forward to our conversation…..


Published by Small Independent Business Reporting

Ted Carlson,CFE is a retired fraud examiner specializing in tax compliance programs for small businesses in all 50 states. Ph 425.956.3677or Email

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