Talking Points

Tired of doing workers compensation quarterly reports?

Hate workers compensation premium audits each year?

Don’t like accounting billing fees for extras  when doing quarterly reports?

Are you one of those six states that have to report hours for workers compensation premiums?

Use these benefit/talking point sentences for 1-4 above:

No more bookkeeping fees to create employer quarterly reports for insurance companies and state agencies

Automatic self-auditing to avoid all state and insurance company audit assessments.

By using our resources and programs, we return control back to you, the small independent businesses owner, and away from the bookkeepers and accountants using canned programs.

QuickBooks, Zero, Gusto, Maestrano, and others, have become too complicated for the average small business to use. Cost too much for advice & training.

All payroll programs use Excel add-on programs to calculate employer quarterly reports: workers’ compensation premiums, unemployment insurance, 941s, and 1099s separately. How accurate do you think they are?

The small independent business owner is responsible for paying assessments—not the bookkeeper, payroll company, or your accountant—which result in transcription errors, inaccurate reports, and audits.

Why don’t bookkeeping or payroll companies offer compliance reporting? Because they are concerned with GAAP/IRS rules and regulations—not compliance administration. That is left to the individual states.

If you want to do something about these, call me at 425.956.3677 or


Published by Small Independent Business Reporting

Ted Carlson,CFE is a retired fraud examiner specializing in tax compliance programs for small businesses in all 50 states. Ph 425.956.3677or Email

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