Avoid Workers Compensation Penalties using our SaaS Software

Since Workers Compensation departments accross America keep passing new record keeping laws starting back in 2008, most audited firms are being assessed penalties for three of the four penalties allowed by statute. The most frequent penalties are Insufficient Records and Record Keeping Guidelines.

First, a UNREG or unregistered employer penalty is assigned to the firm if it does not  have an account with the department. That used to be about $500 per audit, but now it doubles the amount of premiums assessed for the four quarters prior to opening the account.

Second, State Administrative Codes such as Washington’s WAC 296-17-35201 contols the record keeping data requirements. Problem is, if the firm did not know it had covered workers or employees, he would not have these records. Therefore, Workers Compensaton audit departmetns us an Average Hourly Wage table to estimate hours and assign more penalties and interest on these premiums. This technique usually doubles the penalties.

I have developed a SaaS program that runs on the Intuit platform on the internet to negate all 3 penalties by these State departments. It ensures no penaties from any field audit if properly used. It is licensed and copywrited, and it works! Accounting firms doing payroll for small businesses use it to comply with all record keeping data. It includes verification of classifications and piece rates by the hour. Yes, the State departments wants you to keep track of your subcontractors and independent contractors by the hour.

You can try it out for free 30 days, then subcribe on line. And as a bonus, it works for Employement Security Department audits, too. Call me at 888-229-6107 and 425-956-3677, or email me for a demo now at http://www.employerquarterlyreports.com or http://www.wkrcomp.com.

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